Benefits while staying home for the next month during the pandemic

  1. Being more productive
  2. Working with sweat pants and no shoes
  3. Having Lexi (my dog) as a company while I work
  4. Cooking new recipes or trying to cook my favorite dishes
  5. No excuse to not work out
  6. Eat healthier and drink water
  7. Enough time to work on projects that have been on the to do list for awhile
  8. Time to take courses and read books
  9. Watch everything in Netflix and Amazon Prime
  10. by not using make up my skin will be flawless ; )
  11. Time is not an issue now

I am sure by the end of the lock down I will have a longer list.

Do you have a list of benefits? If you do not .. you still have time to make one.

Author: Monica Zorrilla

I was born in Lima, Peru, and about 20 years ago I decided to move to the United States to expand my horizons. So I moved to New York City, and I couldn't have chosen a better place to do this. I instantly fell in love with the city; the captivating people, the enchanting architecture, and the spectacular landscapes hiding just beyond the city's borders. I had always enjoyed taking pictures and had dabbled a bit in the past, but my passion grew immensely when I moved to NYC. I started working in I.T., and through my new friends and colleagues, began learning more about cameras and photography. I'm at my happiest when I am taking or working on my pictures. Expressing myself through photography makes me feel free and alive. My camera is my friend and accomplice, and together we try to capture the beauty in every moment. For me, the greatest thing is letting the picture tell its own story.

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