Respecting Standards

Throughout the years, I have broken some of my standards to make other people happy so they will like me or be with me.  Years passed by, and I started getting wiser,  I started learning from my lessons. Yes .. tough like hell, but hey, I am here with my head up and keep going. Life is not easy because after experience any situation in your life then a new situation with tiny differences from the situation before makes you wonder if you should keep going or walk away. 

Since I moved to NY 18 years ago, I had to confront every situation by myself, so I didn’t have a choice, I couldn’t give up cause I came too far to disappoint myself or others. Yes! I cared way too much what others thought of me. I still do sometimes, but I am getting better at it. 

I have standards for many situations, but the two most important are friendships and relationships. I am a sucker for making friends or partners happy no matter how I feel.  I used to do anything for them even break my standards cause I feel bad, responsible for their happiness thinking that I was going to mess up their time or life if I keep my standards in place… later I understood that many of them were doing whatever they need to achieve what they were looking for because at the end people want things on their terms, then is when I decided that I will respect my standards no matter what because respecting my rules is respecting who I am.

A year ago, I moved from Astoria, Queens to Westchester, NY. It was a great decision because I moved in with two of my best friends, who I can proudly call family. But I had the time to look inside me and find good and bad things. I focused on myself and start doing things that when I was younger people used to tell me I was not good at it, like drawing, singing, It was a year that made me growth internally and mentally. 

Now when I am in a position that I need to decide to break any of my standards I stop and think if it is going to be worth it, because if it is not, I would rather say no for more that makes me lose someone from life.  At the end the person I should be taking care always is me. 

Author: Monica Zorrilla

I was born in Lima, Peru, and about 20 years ago I decided to move to the United States to expand my horizons. So I moved to New York City, and I couldn't have chosen a better place to do this. I instantly fell in love with the city; the captivating people, the enchanting architecture, and the spectacular landscapes hiding just beyond the city's borders. I had always enjoyed taking pictures and had dabbled a bit in the past, but my passion grew immensely when I moved to NYC. I started working in I.T., and through my new friends and colleagues, began learning more about cameras and photography. I'm at my happiest when I am taking or working on my pictures. Expressing myself through photography makes me feel free and alive. My camera is my friend and accomplice, and together we try to capture the beauty in every moment. For me, the greatest thing is letting the picture tell its own story.

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